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Cavalry can move a country mile in La Bataille. Maybe a few country miles.

Cavalry in Road Column and on a road can really move out smartly. It was pointed out to me today that I may have been using the road rate while on a trail in these photos. You were right Chris. Trail Road Column rate is 2/3. Now. Why the heck would someone come up with 2/3... For me personally, these kind of rates are mind numbing. 2/3rds. Really. So now I have to do math. I mean with 1/2 it's easy to count off, half, 1, 1 and 1/2, 2, two 1/2, 3, etc, etc. How does 2/3 work? Do you divide lets say 14 movement potential points by 3, which is 4.6 round up to 5. So one third of 14 is 5, so 2/3rds is 10? what does that mean? The MP potential is now 10 instead of 14 and you move 1 MP per hex for 10 trail hex? I don't know. I need some grey beard help on this one. As usual, I'm probably putting to much thinking into it.

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