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Errata Rant Episode 2 The "Reprint"

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Errata Rant Episode 2

Scenario 2. The “Reprint”

These rants are my own. I take full responsibility for them. My thoughts, my blog, my Facebook page. Fanboy protection squads piss off smartly.

With that said. There I was one day, on the fence about a game system. I knew the game was getting reprinted and according to the publisher posts ALL errata would be fixed in the next reprint release. So… 90 bucks later I took the plunge. It’s a period I gamed previously both 15 and 28mm. I like the history aspect of the period and the designers have a great track record, both individually and as a team.

I get my box, rip it open and immediately go to compare the most current errata (which is a couple of years old) to the 3rd Edition rulebook. Some of the errata was in fact incorporated but not all. OMG, how does that happen? The Player Aid cards had NOT been updated… OMG, really. Why not? When I ask about this on Facebook it’s usally an immediate beat down from fans of the system and/or the publisher. That’s why this is here and not on Facebook. I don’t think people (not everyone) just have an innate inability to look past their loyalty to see the facts. I just paid 90 big ones for what is essentially a game I could have gotten from eBay or off Amazon that’s 2nd Edition BECAUSE it’s basically the same thing!

Counter are great, maps are typical for this publisher and game system. However,… None of the counter errata was fixed, not all the rules were fixed and the Player Aid cards still have the same issues from the first release of the game.



If you are just going to “reprint” a game don’t increment the edition number if hardly anything is different. Don’t state that ALL errata will be incorporated into the “new” release unless it really is.


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