I have to plug this guy

Dan Keifer runs A Gray Rooster Sales LLC. I have been buying from him for years. He has in the last couple of years really upped his game. He runs an eBay store that is very popular. He also sells from Facebook, but since I don't do FB I can't tell you what his link is. Just search for A Gray Rooster and it should come up. He ships quick and his packing is absolutely bullet proof, water proof, hurricane proof, you name it. Prices are a little bit over cost, so usually it's better than the publishers store cost. When I first started buying form him, MMP, GMT, Compass Games I think and Revolution Games. I like to support the little guy and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

NOW he has great stock of the following:

Advanced Squad Leader

Against The Odds

Area Movement Series

Battalion Combat Series

Chessex Game Trays

Clash Of Arms Games

Compass Games

Flying Pig Games


Grand Tactical Series

International Game Series

Legion Wargames

Line Of Battle Series

MMP - Special Ops Magazines

MMP Non Series Game


Operational Combat Series

Revolution Games

Standard Combat Series

Tactical Combat Series

Tiny Battle Publishing

Turning Point Simulations

Variable Combat Series

Worthington Games

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