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La Bataille Journey Part 2

UPDATE: Friends to the rescue. A couple of Grognards helped me out with this question. If you are new (like me obviously), make sure you read the entire setup! All of my answers were right there in front of me.


I'm setting up the historic scenario Quatre Bras 2nd Edition. Aside for have .5% knowledge of French its different no having anglicized French, this game using French, real French and that's cool; just another interesting challenge. I know about 80% of it. At the unit types. I'm doing the setup for this scenario. Going pretty good. What i need to get used to is how the Brigade/Regiment/Battalion is annotated on the counter. Lets take this organization for this example. 2nd Dutch-Belgian Infantry Division, 2nd Brigade (part), 2nd Nassau Regiment.

What exactly does this mean. which part of the Brigade, only the 2nd Nassau? I'm assuming go.

Based on the counter example in the rule book, I would think the counters circled in red are 2nd Brigade, 2nd Regiment. The last infantry unit being light and from what I'm assuming is 1st Regiment. In the French setup the Artillery is identified on it's own, so not sure if this is the included or not.

On the next unit.

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