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La Bataille Sequence of Play Differences

Was doing somewhat of a deep dive on the differences in the current La Bataille rule sets. I have not really looked at the Premier Rules or anything associated with Marshal Enterprise La Bataille offerings. For one thing, they are hard to get, if you find one it's usually hundreds of dollars and I'm not even sure they still release games.

In the realm of Clash of Arms it appears we have what is commonly referred to as Regs XXX, Version 5 and Marie-Louise. I created a document that has each systems Sequence of Play. Not a huge set of differences between Version 5 and Marie-Louise, but a huge difference with Regs XXX. This kind of makes sense as Regs XXX weighs in about 30 or so pages longer and contains fine grained Grey Beard Grognard detail with regard to Napoleonic era warfare. As stated by many, NOT the ruleset to La Bataille new comers. I put the file in the new File Sharing page here. Please leave constructive criticism, discussion, ideas in the forum post.

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