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Like Napoleon, a new conquest

OSG Napoleons Wheel. This game "module" cover the 1805 Danube Campaign; at least the first part of it. Includes Haslach, Elchingen, Durnstein, Schoengrabern and of course Austerlitz. Really liking the Operational game play of the series. With a 24 page System rulebook, it's a quick learn.

Each game has a Study Guide, which is what other publishers call a Scenario Guide or Book. What's interesting here is, what I believe, the publishers intent for the player to learn. Learn about the Battles, Learn about the period and Learn the challenges of black powder combat in the Age of Napoleon. I believe it does that well. Each battle has an Approach to Battle Scenario and a Day of Battle Scenario. Some of the scenarios have "sub" or a "mini" scenario for things like night movement, disengagement and other aspects of the battle that typically are not considered in other systems.

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