The Journey Part 1 (or rabbit hole)

Updated: Mar 10

La Bataille...Been eyeballing this system for a LONG time. Had some initial Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt based on "You either love it or you hate it" mentality out in the community. I jumped in as I usually do with both feet. I have to admit. Chris Fasulo (GSI) put me over the edge and that is not a dig. Chris designed his own Nappy games and I respect his opinion. He is a big fan so why not. I picked up three titles from my favorite game reseller, A Gray Rooster. While I was waiting for them to arrive I downloaded everything I could find and have been watching pretty much non-stop YouTube on subject.

Plan is to start with the Marie Louise Rules and eventually work my way up to the Regs XXX branch. I reconfigured my table to make room for the Quatre Bras map. I'm off the beach in Normandy with DRN so I took those map sheets off the table. Looking forward to the journey!

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