The La Bataille Journey 1

Updated: Mar 8

Wow. What a mess of rules, charts, errata and game exclusive rules. Something else I learned AFTER I wasted 10 bucks on a rulebook (XXII) that I didn't know was out of date and Regs XXX is a free download. Come on Clash of Arms. That's cheap and dirty business to have that on your website. It's frustrating as hell, but, I'm going to drive on. I know multiple people probably work on this stuff, however, a common naming convention for files would be nice. It's great that you offer them for download on the site, but damn...

The naming convention is horrible and inefficient. For new players it's a real issue.

Update: Rant complete. I figured it all out. I guess it's true what other fans say. It's a labor of love to play this game.

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