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Want to play it all? Play Death Ride by Grognard Simulations.

I remember in the early days, when I left the tabletop miniature scene to pick up traditional war games. I had no idea what I was doing. I started playing a lot of DVD solitaire games and some GMT published solo games. They were good, but I wanted more. I kept seeing reference to a system called Death Ride. At the time I thought, that's a cool name, what's that all about? I picked up small starter game and it was pretty a pretty good game. But I wanted more. I immediately started collecting the Death Ride Kursk games during the summer of 2019. Wow. What a package!

No other publisher packs so many real mechanics in a game. You get to be an Air Marshall, The G1, G2, G3, G4 and the Maintenance Officer all at the same time. I played that for months. Fast forward to early 2020 and Death Ride Normandy hit's the streets. It's not just another Normandy game either, and there are a lot of good Normandy games out there. This however continues on with the great simulation of what the Army used to call the Battle Command Operating System. Now they call it Mission Command and dropped the Operating System, but, it's still the same really. Being able to not only play the roles, the open setup and planning of scenario setup is also nice. No hex numbers. Divisions, Regiments and Brigades have historical setup areas. It's up you to get it right. Scenarios are well developed and historically accurate. Speaking of historically accurate. The landings are absolutely brutal. Count on losing boats, losing troops and DD Tanks when they hit the swamp line. Oh yeah, DD Tanks historically sank like rocks and they do in this system as well.

It's a big in scale but not really to bad on rules overhead. It's not something you start and finish in an afternoon either. If you want a game that plays in a day. Look somewhere else. What this game will do is force you to think logically and critically. If you don't set up your attacks correctly you can count on getting the wrong end of the stick.

I'm working on some helpful player aids (at least for me) because I'm a process oriented player and the Army forced me to be a checklist follower.

I will be posting game play and lessons learned here. Don't look past this game system. It's worth it. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. The publisher/designer is very approachable. He is a hell of a guy and does not mind talking to the community that plays his games. Much appreciated.

This has been kind of long. I promise to keep it FRAGO and EXSUM sized in the future.

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