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Why I don't use BGG and CSW much, unfortunately, you can't survive without it.

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

BGG and ConsimWorld. I really don't like them. If I had to rate them I would go with BGG #1 and CSW #2. Why? It's all about the interface. It's 2021 not 1995. I understand Consimworld have been around for EVER, but come on. Leave that legacy code behind and get with the program. I'm old too, but that doesn't mean I drive a car from 1995. I mean look at this interface. BGG put some shine on the front end (as did CSW) but the back end is horrid. Try doing a search?? How about that interface. Almost as bad as the old Bulletin Boards from back in the day. It's not a matter of the folks, there is probably 150 years of war gaming knowledge packed into both of those sites. They are just not super user friendly. I'm curious where CSW keeps all those old forums and how hard it would be to migrate that over to another platform and update the user interface.

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