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Words mean everything

Spent a ridiculous amount of time searching the La Bataille 5th Edition rulebook PDF for the reference that states when a unit retreats after combat if it takes casualties and fails morale. You would think that searching for the keyword retreat would have done the trick. Nope, so I search the Regs XXX rulebook and the Marie-Louise rules. Nothing. Spent an hour looking for that reference. FINALLY found it and it says nothing about "retreat". Unbelievably this is where I found it.

11.7 Involuntary Formations:

The moment a unit becomes Disordered it moves away from the disordering event at half its movement rate (round fractions down. See Retreat After Combat).

Yep. That is a direct copy/paste. It's just me, but I think this entire rulebook needs a rewrite for readability, grammar and concise writing style. It's really horrible.

I might have written it this way.

A unit that disorders immediately retreats at half its movement rate (round fractions down).

Now what it does not explain is HOW FAR THE UNIT RETREATS. All of the units movement potential? 1 hex, 2 hexes, 3 hexes? Who knows.

Great game but these rule books are really horribly written. It feels and reads to me like a bad copy/paste from three different rulebooks into one.


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